The Ultimate Fly Cutter Returns!

Manufactured in the USA by Deka Tool

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B52 Fly Cutter

B52 Fly Cutter


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The time-tested B52 Fly Cutter returns to market and is now backed by a precision manufacturing process and a quality cerakote finish.

Whether you have a Bridgeport or a 40,000lb horizontal machining center, the B52 will provide excellent surface finishes in a broad range of materials regardless of machine rigidity or spindle horsepower.

When it comes to fly cutters, the B52’s unique design qualities give it signature strengths that machinists across the country have loved since 1979.

  • Balanced design - Each size is individually balanced by design, offering the ability to achieve much higher RPMs than conventional fly cutters by minimizing off-center centrifugal forces that induce vibrations.
  • Rigid construction - The shank and base are uniformly brazed together to provide a full surface-contact bond effectively making the tool one piece.
  • Single TC insert - This tool shines in finishing applications due to the single-insert design. It eliminates the possibility of surface finish defects that result from variabilities of insert size and seating heights.


It’s recommended to use this tool in collapsible style collets (ER, TG, 5C, R8, etc.) or standard side-lock holders (flat must be milled).

When using tool changers, verify size and weight compatibility with your specific machine's tool changers. For larger diameter cutters, some tool changers will require indexing of the fly cutter in the holder relative to the tool changer to avoid collision.

What's Included

  • 1x - B52 Fly Cutter
  • 1x - Torx Screw
  • NOTE: Does not include TC insert